1. Sam Redmore's House Party Mix (Parts I & II)

  2. A Lovely Mix

  3. Freestyle Mixes I & II

  4. JBs Selection

  5. A Party Piece

  6. Soulsearching Mix

  7. All Tracks

  8. Is This Love / Sam Redmore's Acoustic Takedown
    Bob Marley

  9. Superstition (Sam Redmore Re-Rub)
    Yesking vs Stevie Wonder

  10. Drummer Man / Sam Redmore Re-Edit
    The Brady Bunch

  11. Learn To Jackpot, Teach To Jackpot / Sam Redmore's Soulfood Celebration Mix
    The Gene Dudley Group

  12. Layou / Sam Redmore Remix

  13. Sealion / Sam Redmore Re-Edit

  14. The Shakedown / Sam Redmore Remix
    Renegade Brass Band

  15. Vivrant Thing / Redmo Reworks
    Q-Tip vs Eddie Kendricks vs Hypnotic Brass Ensemble

  16. Don't Make Your Life So Hard / Sam Redmore's Cosmic Excursion
    Free School

  17. Blind Man Can See It / Sam Redmore's Slick & Shiny Re-Edit
    James Brown vs Nancy Dupree

  18. Kill The Beast / Sam Redmore Remix
    Johnny Kowalski & The Sexy Weirdos

  19. A Day In The Dub / Sam Redmore Mashup
    Prince Fatty vs The Beatles

  20. What's Going On / Sam Redmore Remix
    Marvin Gaye

  21. Killing / Sam Redmore Mashup
    The Apples vs Masters At Work vs Love Unlimited Orchestra

  22. Work It En Cumbia / Sam Redmore Mashup
    Missy Elliott vs Greenwood Rhythm Coalition

  23. Why Does My Man / Sam Redmore Remix
    Nick Pride & The Pimptones

  24. Raincoat / Sam Redmore Remix

  25. New York City Rain / Sam Redmore Remix
    Chris Tye

  26. Sadi Soul

  27. Mack The Knife / Sam Redmore Mashup
    Louis Armstrong vs Missy Elliott

  28. The Penniless Optimist / Sam Redmore Remix
    Electric Swing Circus

  29. Soul Bossa Shoulder / Sam Redmore Mashup
    Jay Z vs Quincy Jones

  30. One Drop It Like It's Hot / Sam Redmore Mashup
    Snoop Dogg & Pharrell vs Friendly Fire Band

  31. On & On / Sam Redmore Mashup
    Erykah Badu vs The Flowering Inferno

  32. Don't Mean To Sound Cynical / Sam Redmore Remix
    John Napier

  33. Gundam Bling / Sam Redmore Remix
    Paper Tiger


Sam Redmore Birmingham, UK

Birmingham's beardiest DJ.

Currently available for DJ bookings. Email samredmore@gmail.com


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